Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rufete says 'NO' to mercenaries

Rufete made some angry remarks recently about Valencia CF's position in the transfer market.

He complains that players (mainly forwards) that they had contacted a month and a half ago to join had denied them straight up. Those same players however, have come back now, a month and a half later, and ask about the possibility of joining the team. Rufete sees this as a sign that they want to be in Valencia CF only for the money. As such, he says he will sort through the players and decide who really wants to be in Valencia CF and who is the mercenary. He says they will take their time to decide since the ball is in his court now.

I don't know if Negredo or Llorente are part of those players but recently another name has resurfaced. Young striker Anthony Martial from AS Monaco who is 18 years of age is another transfer target. He is not very experienced but said to have great potential and will be much cheaper than the other two alternatives.

Any thoughts on Rufete's remarks? Mercenaries in general? Anthony Martial?