Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nuno considers keeping Joao Perriera

With the arrival of Joao Cancelo, one of Barragan or Perreira was rumored to be on their way out. One week it would be Barragan in the news, the other it would be Perreira. Now, it appears Nuno wants to keep both.

Perreira already has three offers from Turkey, with the primary candidate being Besiktas. At first, Nuno was okay with letting go with Perreira. After seeing the game against Sevilla, Nuno became reluctant and has reconsidered that position. Remember, the goal started from Barragan's side. He now thinks the experience of Joao Perreira could come in handy. The Turkish club wants to have an answer soon since they are also exploring other alternatives. Perreira wants to stay in Spain or return to his homeland Portugal if he is to move.

Perreira is a good player and one of the more experience in the team, both at club and international level. However, he only has one year left on his contract and if we don't cash in now, he will go for free at the end of the year. The other option would be to renew his contract and I don't that is very likely at this point unless Barragan leaves. The club is going to have to make a decision soon since Barragan's contract also expires at the same time. So now, its back to square one with the right-back role up for grabs.

Any thoughts?