Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Manchester United 2-1 Valencia CF

Manchester United beat Valencia CF 2-1 in an exciting preseason friendly that had a very competitive spirit. The end results would have been 1-1, if not for Diego Alves's gigantic mistake that gave Fellaini the goal on a silver platter.

Manchester United dominated the first half, there were the occasional forward runs and chances for Valencia CF, but its safe to say that Manchester United were in the driving seat and completely controlling the match. Valencia's play was very well organized though and the defending was top notch for the most part and barring some smaller individual mistakes of the players.

Manchester United came to the first goal through Darren Fletcher after his shot was deflected from a Valencia CF player and tricked Alves for the direction it was heading, though I'd say that was also terrible goalkeeping, going down like that instinctively, rather than standing still and anticipating better.

Manchester United would have several more chances through Rooney and Young, but nothing too dangerous, while on the other side of the field Feghouli had two opportunities, but thanks to his poor reactions didn't make anything out of it.

Paco could have at least shot on goal if he latched to one through ball coming his way from Barragan I believe, but he was too slow to react, Andre Gomes and Gaya had few crosses into the penalty area, but didn't found any Valencia CF player there.

The second half had Valencia CF a lot more competitive, though it wasn't until Piatti and De Paul came on for Paco and Feghouli that Valencia CF really started playing and threatning Manchester United seriously. Instantly after the subs the game changed and Valencia CF were full on attacking and controlling the game, Piatti, Gomes and Gaya were combination amazingly on the left flank with often runs there, on the right side De Paul, Barragan and Moreno were combining very well and Parejo was controlling the midfield correctly and precisely.

Valencia CF would have several shots through Parejo, Moreno and I believe it was Barragan with a shot from the left side of the penalty area that got saved by Chicharito. The goal after a free kick by Piatti where the United defence failed to clear the ball, which was headed to Moreno who didn't miss from just few yards away.

Long story short the match was about to end in a draw, when Diego Alves decided to forget basic goalkeeping and literally turn into some random person who doesn't know anything about goalkeeping and gave away Manchester United an easy goal that would result in their victory.

Player Ratings:
Alves 3 - Pathetic goalkeeping, the mistake he did for the 2nd goal was gigantic. That kind of mistake is unforgivable.
Barragan 8 - Great defending, really controlled and aware defending, made some strong tackles that he absolutely won and was quite offensive on the attack as well.
Vezo 6.5 - Defended well, didn't make any mistakes that were obvious at least, few offside trap miscommunications though and he'll have to work on the tactical side of things.
Ottamendi 6.5 - Had one slip up where he lost the ball in midfield and allowed United to have a shot on goal, otherwise a solid defending.
Gaya 7 - Overall good defending, he slipped few times on the grass, but defended well and had some really great offensive runs, especially in the 2nd half.
Fuego 6.5 - Solid defensively, but slow to move the ball forward and wasn't available for passes, creating a bit of a bubble around him from fellow VCF players.
Parejo 6 - Pretty good performance, but he still lost the ball way too often and quite a lot in dangerous positions as well, these type of ball losses will result in goals for the opponents in the season, so he needs to improve massively or stay on bench.
Gomes 6.5 - Clearly bothering each other with Parejo and the two can't function properly in mid, once he went further forward in the second half as Piatti and Rodrigo came in he instantly became solid, otherwise he had few decent runs on the left flank, but nothing serious.
Feghouli 4 - Poor performance from the Algerian, he was slow on the ball, slow off the ball, his movement was predictable, wasted 2 pretty good opportunities and was generally useless.
Paco 5 - Missed to latch onto two good opportunities and was otherwise very ineffective, never threatening on goal.
Moreno 6 - Was on the periphery of the match the whole time, he had some good runs and combined well in the second half with De Paul and others, but overall not a great performance.
Piatti 7 - Instantly more dangerous than Paco and added some threat and pace on the left wing, combining well with Gomes and Gaya on the flank, provided one great pass to Parejo I believe who's shot was saved.
De Paul 6.5 - Way more dangerous than Feghouli and played really well on the wing, combining well with Barragan and Moreno as well.
Guardado 5 - Ineffective performance from the mid of the park, was most effective on the flank and going in and providing crosses, in central midfield he was terrible though, lost the ball few times and overall his passing was very poor.
Vinicius NA - not enough time

Man of the match: Antonio Barragan
Worst man of the match: Diego Alves
Best offense: Rodrigo Moreno
Worst Offense: Sofiane Feghouli
Best Defence: Antonio Barragan
Worse defense: Diego Alves
Best possession: Jose Gaya
Worst possession: Daniel Parejo