Friday, August 29, 2014

LFP reject appeal for de Paul's four-match suspension

The LFP have rejected an appeal by Valencia CF to reduce the 4 match suspension of de Paul following his red card in the game against Sevilla. They have cited drawing blood from Aleix Vidal and him having to be substituted as a result, to keep the suspension at four.

I already said how unfair this was in the last post. I listed incidents that happened in the same weekend and were given a lesser punishment. Some got away for doing even worse things with no suspension. Even the referee's report which said there was no violent intent, the testimony of Aleix Vidal himself who said it was not deliberate, and the player's clean record up to his date weren't enough to reduce the ban by any amount.

 I don't know what the issue is, the foul wasn't so serious. The season just started and the refereeing has already come into question. Hopefully, there won't be future incidents like this. Outrageous.

Valencia CF remain firm that the decision is unfair and disproportionate. As such, they have decided to take the next step and seek the CAS, the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Maybe they will bring some sense into this and sort this out.