Monday, August 18, 2014

Ever Banega transfers to Sevilla

Its official, Ever Banega has transferred to Sevilla. He has signed a 4 year contract with Sevilla. The amount Valencia CF was able to get from his is only 2.5 million euros, which is quite low, but expected since he hasn't featured for the club for over 9 months and was discarded from the start this year.

I think its a poor business decision, why not sell him last year and get more money for him, these are some of the short term frantic decisions that now that the club is under Peter Lim can't be afforded. The management needs to step it up or be sacked.

That said he was going to leave one way or another, its hasn't worked out for him ever since he had that accident with his own car hitting him and was just too controversial for the club to keep him.

I wish it worked out for him, he was a real beast when in top form, singlehandedly dominating the midfield, spreading the ball properly, could dribble past players, was able to get few players on him and then release the ball to the forwards, creating so much space for them, but when he was out of form through injuries was he really bad.

Hopefully it doesn't work out for him in Sevilla, since they are our competition and Valencia CF needs to be in the top 4 to get back to champions league football.