Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ever Banega close to leaving for pennies

According to reports in Spain, Sevilla has been negotiating with Valencia CF for Ever Banega. The plan is to takeover Ivan Rakitic's spot after his transfer to Barcelona this summer. This transfer is a request from Unai Emery who still sees some potential in the player, and hopes he can recreate the amazing form Banega had when the two previously worked together in Valencia CF. This prospect interests the player himself.

In a previous post, I wrote that the offer would be around 4.5 million dollars, now the reports are saying 2.5 million dollars and some saying he will go for free. Of course, Valencia CF don't want that since they paid about 13 million euros to buy the player. However, since Banega has one year on his contract, and Valencia CF have made him train separately from the rest of the group they have little choice remaining. Valencia CF also wants to avoid paying the 1.5 million euros for his wages this season. Sevilla is hoping to land the player for really cheap to avoid the risk associated with signing Banega. The only option to prevent it, would be to reincorporate him into the team and renew his contract but that's looking highly unlikely.

If he does go for that price, it will be really disappointing. Even worse, he is going to a rival team. What if he does manage to regain that form? Then Valencia CF would have given a sensational player to a rival team for pennies.

Any thoughts?