Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rodrigo to be a Valencia CF player next week

With the signing of Andre Gomes complete and presented today, the club looks to sign his Benfica teammate Rodrigo. Valencia CF is very optimistic in his signing and President Salvo said the deal should be done next week. There are two reasons why this is slightly more complicated and thus taking more time. First, there is another bid from Atletico Madrid of 32 million euros for Rodrigo. They are able to offer him the Champions League football that Valencia CF cannot. Valencia CF and Lim don't want to force the player to play for them against his wishes. There is optimism that he will choose Valencia though. Second, the deal with Rodrigo doesn't involve Benfica alone, it also involves Real Madrid since he is a former player there. They have the right to be involved in future transfers as such. However, this is a time issue more than anything, simple.

I also want to take this chance to clarify the nature of the deals for Andre Gomes as well as a future deal for Rodrigo. Where is the money from? Lim hasn't taken over yet so there is no way he can purchase the players for Valencia CF. Any such move, would be punished by UEFA. However, both players will be taken on loan from Benfica and when Lim takes over they will be offered a full deal. In the case of Andre Gomes, it will be a four year deal. We will know Rodrigo's next week.