Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rami to help fund his own sale

The output operation began last week in an unexpected fashion when Juan Bernat surprised everybody by moving to Bayern Munich. Now, Adil Rami is the next player out in this operation. Adil Rami's release clause is 10 million euros and no one was willing to meet that. That, and the fact that he made insulting comments to the coaching staff and his team mates, made the club seek a way out for him. He was loaned to AC Milan the last six months with a purchase option of 7 million euros. However, AC Milan were unable to meet that amount and decided against the purchase option. Their interest in Rami did not die however, and they immediately went the negotiation table trying to get lower the amount to around 3.75 million. Valencia CF accepted lowering the amount, however the limit was 4.25 million. With neither side backing down and with Rami desperate to move away, he has now decided to fund the rest of the move out of his own pocket. The deal should be announced anytime soon since the only thing missing is Rami's signature. He will not join Valencia CF's squad in the pre-season but will head to Italy to join Milan's pre-season.