Saturday, July 19, 2014

Preseason Coverage: Nurnberg 3-1 Valencia CF

The second preseason game ends in a 3-1 loss to Nurnberg, who were recently relegated from the Bundesliga first division. Valencia CF took the lead through Viera and then after six minutes, Nurnberg scored three times in 5 minutes to win the game. The key thing to note from that game is that all three goals were conceded from wing play. The Nurnberg wingers would drive a low cross into the box and the strikers smash it. Anyway, just a preseason friendly and the team has to move on. Andre Gomes did get some time but only for the final 20 minutes. Mathieu did not play at all.


0-1 Jonathan Viera, 50'
1-0 Sylvestr, 56'
2-0 Colak, 60'
3-0 Colak, 61'

Next games for the team will be in South America in the Euro-American Cup (click here for preseason schedule).

Transfer Market:

The signing of Rodrigo is said to imminent now despite interest from both Atletico Madrid and AS Monaco who are both willing to pay around 32 million euros for him. He will reportedly arrive on Wednesday of this week.

Yet again, Mathieu has not participated in this game. Last time he justified it as him not wanting to get injured in the midst of a major move.

Any thoughts on this preseason game? The transfer market and Rodrigo?