Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nuno to give Postiga a chance

Nuno has called for all the World Cup players to join the preseason. One surprise call was also asking Postiga to join with reports saying that the new coach wants to see if there is room for Postiga in his plans for the squad next season. The rumors arrival of a new striker with the caliber of Jackson Martinez or Javier Hernandez made it seem like his departure was on its way, especially having been loaned to Lazio in the winter transfer window.

Postiga has shown some potential but in very few games but overall he has failed to reproduce a fraction of what he did for Real Zaragoza (which wasn't that impressive either). The only one I remember him standing out in, was the 2-3 loss to Barcelona at the Mestalla where he scored two consecutive goals at the brink of half-time to restore hope to Valencia CF after being down 0-3 in the first half. Other than that, he has been really slow, bad movement, dull and lack luster. It was painful watching him play. Even in this World Cup, he hasn't played well although to be fair he didn't get much time and Portugal was struggling as a whole. The only role I can see for him is a bench warmer since there are no lack of possible number '9's on the team with Alcacer, Araujo, Rodrigo and the long awaited Martinez possibly on the way. Even if Araujo was loaned, he simply wouldn't get playing time and would get overshadowed by all the other talent if he does. I think it's time for him to go, its been long overdue and I think Nuno will see the same.

Any thoughts on Postiga? Should we even consider keeping him? Does he even have a chance to succeed at Valencia CF?