Monday, June 9, 2014

Valencia CF could play Europa League?

I know it sounds like a miracle or just crazy. I actually don't believe it too much myself. However, UEFA has found two Turkish clubs (Eski┼čehirspor and Sivasspor) guilty of match fixing and thus barred either of them from competing in the Europa League next year as per the regulations. The clubs still have less than 10 days to appeal the decision. Should this be true, two slots will open up for the Europa League. Now, the rumor that's spreading like wildfire on various sports websites is that the two spots will go to the countries with the highest UEFA coefficient, Spain and England. This would see Valencia CF and Manchester United both get a chance at qualifying for the Europa League. Sounds like wishful thinking to me. I personally don't think that UEFA will take away slots from Turkey and give them to other countries. The fair thing to do would be to give the next two highest teams in Turkey the Europa League spots.

Further reason why this is doubtful is because two or three weeks ago the same rumor was spreading except it was about Ukrainian club. There were reports that due to the unrest in Ukraine and the safety considerations, Ukrainian clubs would lose the privilege of competing in UEFA competitions and Spain and England would receive those spots. That rumor was quickly dispelled by UEFA and  put to rest. This new rumor with Turkish clubs has yet to receive any response.

While I would love to see Valencia CF play at a European competition next year, I don't really know how I would feel about qualifying in this way, should it be true. All we can do is wait for UEFA's decision.