Sunday, June 22, 2014

Purchase deal to be signed this week

It's been about a month since Lim was announced as the new owner but there have been a few issues in need to sort out in the contract. As a result, all operations, ingoing and outgoing, were frozen until the deal was finalized. During this time, rumors spread like wildfire about the players that were arriving as well as the departing players.

There were some rumors before Lim was declared owner like the arrival of Aleix Vidal (Almeria), Juanfran Moreno (Real Betis) and Javier Espinosa (Barcelona B). However, those were put to a stop by Lim since they were signings of the "old" Valencia CF, they were not good enough for the new Valencia CF. This caused the anger of Vidal, who was hopeful of coming to Valencia, who lashed out at the new management explaining that big names are not always the best choice. Vidal now seems on his way to Sevilla while Espinosa was just left hanging with the interest in him failing to materialize.

After Lim's arrival there was also talk of the arrival of Anderlecht player Cheikhou Kouyate. The interest in him was shared by West Ham mainly and Valencia seemed the clear favorites since it was Kouyate's favored destination. However, Kouyate got impatient while waiting for the club purchase deal to finalize and opted to go to West Ham instead. Big disappointment for me to see another signing get away.

The lack of movement has also stirred up the voices of former Valencia CF players, including Albelda, who were complaining at the lack of any real change since Lim was declared owner.

According to reports, one issue in the deal was a clause that was inserted which stated that if Lim were to abandon the club within the next 5 years, there would be a huge penalty (I think it was about 330 million) which he had to pay. Outrageous!! As expected, Lim made a very angry phone call to Salvo who was quick to remove the clause. All the other conflicts in the contract were pretty minor from what I have read. There will be a final meeting on Monday to clear out any last minute issues and then the signing should take place around Thursday this week. After that, let the departures and signings begin.