Thursday, June 26, 2014

Juan Bernat contract issues

With Lim's arrival facing some obstacles, a lot of operation have been put on hold. One of them is renewing contracts.  Bernat among others were sat down for contract talks but everyone gives the same answer, wait till after the sale. Everyone wants to know what their place is in the new squad. There are players like Viera who want to play in Valencia CF but the club is ready to pay off his contract as he is deemed excess to the current squad. There are other players like Perez, Martinez, Rodrigo Morena, Andre Gomes and Jan Oblak all wanting to know if they will end up playing at Valencia CF or not.

However, with Bernat's contract stalling due to the sale process (the management doesn't know how much finances Lim will allocate to renewing contracts) and especially since he has one year left, other clubs see this as an opportunity. Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea, Manchester United and City all want someone with the quality and potential of Juan Bernat. Valencia CF continues to refer them to the 20 million euro buyout clause. Valencia CF worries that a Jordi Alba situation (Alba left for 14 million euros when his clause was 20 million euros) will occur and the player will refuse to renew to pressure the club to reduce the price and sell to avoid losing him for free.

As a product of the Valencia CF youth team and a quality player with lots of potential who excelled and caught attention in recent years, I'm sure everyone would hate to lose Bernat. Although there are replacements aplenty in Guardado, Cissokho and Gaya, they just aren't suitable. Guardado has been a liability playing as left back (although he shows promise in the World Cup as a left winger), Cissokho is good at his best but really inconsistent and Gaya is inexperienced. With Guardado and Cissokho probably leaving this transfer window, the next option would be to buy a new one. I just hope Bernat keeps his patience till the sale is done and not given to the temptations of the other clubs like Kouyate recently did (joined West Ham cause the sale was stalling).