Thursday, May 29, 2014

Valencia CF punish Liverpool

As you all know Liverpool has been in hot pursuit of Dani Parejo and getting in the way of a deal with Seydou Keita. Liverpool has also snapped up Valencia youth player Pedro Cheivirella and are pursuing Fran Villalba, another youth player while Valencia was working to renew their contracts. As such Valencia CF is trying to make it twice as hard for Liverpool to sign Parejo.

Since Valencia CF have declared they are not willing to negotiate at all for Parejo and do not want to accept the buyout clause. The only option that thus remains for Liverpool is to get the player to personally deliver and pay the 25 million euros. This will result in the involvement of tax companies which will subject the amount to income tax and other such legal payments. This will raise the total that Liverpool has to pay all the way to 45 million euros, almost double the amount.

The same case has also been reported to be implemented with Mathieu's case should Barcelona or Bayern insist on signing him. Mathieu's has a 20 million euro release clause but the amount to be paid by a buyer would spike to 36 million euros with taxes.

We were saying a while back after Lim was announced, that we hoped we could keep our star players now. This step by Valencia CF has shown that this will most likely be the case from now.