Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Real Madrid want Paco Alcacer

Real Madrid want Paco Alcacer and if they fail to get Luis Suarez this summer and likely they won't as the player himself has said he'd stay in Liverpool, they are going to turn to Valencia's Paco Alcacer and its said that they are ready to meet Paco's buy-out clause if they can't reach an agreement over the transfer fee with Valencia CF.

Last time I've seen the clause was set to be around 30 million, I know since after the loss of Isco they improved the buy-out clause and I know they increased Paco's clause by a lot, not sure if its 30 million euros exactly, but its high, so if Real Madrid want to buy his services they are going to need to splash a lot of money, though 30 million would be a lot less than 70 million euros for Suarez, so Real Madrid can do it, question is if they think Paco is worth 30 million euros right now.

It saddens me so much to say this, but prepare to lose Paco Alcacer ladies and gentlemen this summer. If Real Madrid want him bad enough and all the sources are saying they want him if they don't get Suarez, then its all but a done deal. The only thing that could prevent this is Paco himself if he refuses Real Madrid, but lets be honest no one refuses Real Madrid and I don't expect Paco to refuse them either!