Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rami Open to Valencia Return

Rami has performed well for Milan during the time he was loaned to them. This has impressed several clubs including Milan themselves, Arsenal and Manchester City. However, things remain in Milan's hands since they have the purchase option which I recall expired sometime in late May. Milan has also been riddled with financial troubles and are reluctant to meet the asking price for Valencia (7 million euros). Therefore, they are trying to negotiate and bring the price down but Valencia is not backing down.

Remember Rami left after some serious disputes under former coach Djukic in which he criticized the coach and some of his teammates leading the club to believe that he is not committed to Valencia.

When asked, Rami said that if Milan do not buy him, he will be open to return to Valencia only if Pizzi wants him to be part of the project.

While things may work out better under Pizzi for Rami and considering he's in good form, is it a good idea for him to return? Is he the one to play beside Otamendi next season?