Monday, May 12, 2014

Marseille want Banega

With the rise of French clubs backed by foreign funds, such as PSG and Monaco, to the top of the table also came the downfall of clubs such as Marseille who sit at 6th place. The club has had a bad season and is reforming its squad under the leadership of new Argentinean coach Marcelo Bielsa. With the transfer funds available to him, Bielsa has made his fellow Argentinean Ever Banega, now on loan at Newell's Old Boys in Argentina, a top priority.

Banega is not doing well in Argentina and we have said time and time again that he was even struggling to make an impact there. His form has been far from the mastermind in midfield that we knew before. This makes his return to the Mestalla next season very doubtful. Whether Pizzi decides to give him a chance or not, there is interest in him. For how much? We'll have to wait and see how much Marseille want him. With one year left and his contract and in weary from chances are they will get him at bargain price from what he was worth before.

What do you think? Give Banega a chance or let him go?