Monday, May 5, 2014

Filler stats

Hey I just want to clarify things that the players strengths and weaknesses in the player pages for Paco and Jonas were fillers and incorrect.

Here is the real for Jonas:
+ Strengths
- Weaknesses
Creativity Great
Consistency Poor
Vision Excellent
Strength Poor
Technique Good
Stamina Poor
Shooting accuracy Poor

Here is the real for Paco:
+ Strengths
- Weaknesses
Youthful Great
Hesitant Poor
Explosiveness Good
Consistency Poor
Agile Good
Experience Terrible
Work rate Excellent

I have 8 more done, though unfortunately the ones for Canales, Rami, Guardado and Viera are likely to all fall off as Canales has already left and those three are likely to be sold in the summer.

I will be updating their pages right now with the correct tables.