Friday, April 4, 2014


For the past following games, Valencia's performance has been far from great. In fact, recently this is some of the worst football I've seen Valencia play under Pizzi.

The game against Almeria was the beginning of it. The team went up 2-0 in the first half and were dominating every part of the game. Then, when Almeria scored one, Valencia went were struggling to keep up for the rest of the game. Almeria, of course went on to tie the game soon after the first goal and had several chances to even win the game.

Then there was the home game against Getafe. Again, the team started well with Keita breaking a record for one of the fastest goals in La Liga. Then, yet again, the team turned off and Getafe had Valencia pinned for the whole game. Even with two defenders on a Getafe forward, he still managed to score from long range and the rest of the game came tumbling down with Getafe grabbing a second goal and a late third goal.

The series of disappointments was capped off today in the Europa League, Valencia's last opportunity to qualify for any UEFA tournament next year. Despite Valencia playing against a team riddled with injury and at a closed-door stadium with no fans (due to UEFA sanctions on Basel), Valencia were dominated in the first half completely. In the second half, performance was better but still quite terrible. Chance after chance, thrown away, wasted. Now don't get me wrong, Basel is a strong team shown by them reaching this far, they've also beaten Chelsea twice. Valencia is also suffering with injuries, with the most missed being Diego Alves. However, over three games the performance has just been deteriorating and with a final score tonight of 3-0. I don't see a way back for Valencia especially if they play as they have been playing recently.

So what's common between the three games? What happened? Well to be honest, I don't blame Pizzi for this. There have been serious improvement since he has come to the club. The problem I think is with the players. Some players are slacking, some aren't motivated, and other have lost confidence. This is partially because there is no competition within the squad. The first team has been almost guaranteed for a while with no changes except maybe due to injury. So if players don't have to fight for their spot, they lose motivation. Think of all the successful clubs in the world, they all have a competitive squad where a bad performance from someone is an opportunity for another player. As  for the  loss of confidence this is where Pizzi's role as a coach comes in.

What's the solution then? Well as of now, the club is busy with the Sales process. With 7 world wide investors attempting to buy the club including Peter Lim, Aramco, and Wanda, the club is focused on choosing the right one. However, expect a huge output and input of players this summer. There are a lot of contracts about to expire and a lot of players who are not part of Pizzi's plans. Latest report indicates that up to 13 players' future is in the air. In addition, there are several loaned players who are returning. Furthermore, whichever owner comes in is going to spend big.

Let me know what you think of recent performances and any thoughts you have in general about performance or sales process. Also if you have any suggestions on what you want me to write about that I haven't already, please feel free to suggest them in the comments below. Thanks. Amunt Valencia.