Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Footballing Giants keep an eye on Bernat

It is no doubt that he is one Valencia's most talented players. A personal favorite of mine since he has the added bonus of being a youth product of the club. However, you can't play this good and not be noticed. Four giants of World Football are already planning summer moves for Bernat. Manchester United, Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid all have been reported to have interest in the Valencia star. All of them either in need of left backs to replace their own or to compete with the one(s) they have. There is no shortage of left-backs around so why just Bernat. Well in addition to being superb, he is also very cheap. Why? His contract expires next year, and it still hasn't been renewed. So, if you were expecting him to go for say about 20 million (about the same as Jordi Alba), well you will be disappointed. In fact, he might going for less than 10 or even less than 7 million euros. The club must work on his contract and get it done soon, there is not much time to waste. Bernat is certainly worth a lot more than that both in terms of money and sentimental value to the club. And these aren't any clubs that are interested, these are the top-tier clubs which presents an added temptation. While the player himself hasn't said anything about wanting to leave, the club should work to make sure he stays or if he must, then not for a cut-deal price.