Thursday, January 30, 2014

Banega and Canales on the exit door

Ever Banega and Sergio Canales are on the exit door and Canales is said to be hours away from leaving and joining Real Sociedad, while Ever Banega has few clubs bidding for him that want his services, while Valencia CF is looking for offers in the region of 10 to 12 million euros for him.

Its been reported that Inter Milan, AC Milan, BVB, Napoli and few English teams are interested in acquiring the services of Ever Banega and that the biggest obstacle is Valencia's preferred price of 12 million for him.

Sergio Canales hasn't lived up to his reputation and I suspect the two major injuries he had one after another had a major part in it, and he hasn't paid off and was going down the pecking order, so him leaving the club is only natural.

Ever Banega on the other hand has been hot and cold in his plays, amazing 6 months, usually followed by a big injury and then a miserable 6 months, then booming to form again and having several good months, before another big injury and then another period of mediocre performances.

He hasn't paid off for Valencia CF either, he had his chances, he did very good in periods, but never really achieved consistency and the necessary dependency that is required of a very good player.

If a team reaches the 12 million asking price I expect the club will sell him immediately, if not I think they might sell him for a lower price as well, though they will try and get 12 million euros and not rush selling him.