Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Valencia CF not giving up on Pizzi

The top officials at Valencia CF are determined to bring in Juan Antonio Pizzi to Valencia and they've doubled down their efforts in trying to get him. Pizzi has said that he wants to stay and honor his contract with his current club San Lorenzo, but with increased pressure on him and better offer to him, Valencia CF is trying to make it as difficult as they can to reject them. 

Even if Pizzi was to agree to the deal, San Lorenzo would also have a word in it and Valencia CF would need to pay them for Pizzi's contract cancellation. The amount isn't too big, but it can be a legal problem to deal with. 

Close second if the deal with Juan Antonio Pizzi fails is Marcelo Bielsa, but on the short list there are other coaches like Pepe Mel, Villas-Boas, Miguel Ángel Lotina and others. 

Personally I'm not too fond of anyone if particular, if anything Pepe Mel could surprise and do really good with Valencia CF, Bielsa would be the default choice as a really experienced manager, but he is still a risk with his style he brings. 

Guus Hiddink is also a free coach, though he hasn't had much success recently, so a distant prospect if other options fail.