Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Peter Lim offers 250 million euros to buy Valencia CF

Billionaire Peter Lim offer to buy Valencia CF is around the 250 million mark, which is close to the debt Valencia CF has towards Bankia, I believe the debt is about 275 million, his offer is 250 million and that would make him the owner of around 70% of the shares of the club.

The Valencia CF foundation would continue to own a stake in the club with the second biggest pie of the shares, while 3rd are the Valencia CF fans. 

Peter Lim according to reports also plant to invest about 40-50 million euros into reinforcements this winter if he is to buy the club by the 15th of January and an addition 50 million player investments in the summer.

Its unclear right now if he is going to invest in the new Mestalla stadium or not, some reports say he will invest in the new stadium and finish it and other reports say that he won't invest in it, so right now its unclear, but either way its not that big of a deal, considering everything else.

In another news Pizzi is set to arrive in Valencia and sign the contract by Friday. From what I've been told, and "disclaimer" I haven't confirmed and researched myself, Pizzi favors physical style of football with a lot of hard tackles rather than positioning, he also supposedly doesn't favor possession football much and relies fair amount on fast counter attacks.