Sunday, November 10, 2013

Valencia CF 2-2 Valladolid Match Report

Well I knew it, I knew that after last week's win against Getafe the team will screw things up in the next match and they did it, not surprising at all. In fact I expected this, I was even leaning on a loss, but we did play at home in the Mestalla, so that would really have been abhorrent.

I have no words for this match. Same terrible defending as this whole season, Mathieu can't defend even if his whole family lives depended on it. Just sell him in the winter transfer market, bring in some of the B team defenders to replace him, we also purchased a new CD so he will join us in the winter and play Ruiz and Ruben Vezo as the center backs.

As far as left back goes, I just don't see Bernat being very effective either, he is average in defense and doesn't contribute anything in attack. He is not the biggest problem, but its obvious he isn't a great defender. I'd much rather Guardado play there, or bring Gaya from the B team, since for no reason we left Aly Cissokho go to Liverpool. I mean just ridiculous, this team is going down more and more day by day. We don't have any left backs, Mathieu can barely walk he is so bad and we let got of Aly. Now we play Bernat there, wasting his talent, wasting his development, we have no width at the left wing and yet you'd think we'd have 80% possession with all the central play, but that is not the case either.

And where is Michel? I mean he was probably the best player for Levante last year and Djukic doesn't even bench him. Why doesn't he play him behind the striker in an attacking midfielder role where he is best. Put Fuego and Parejo/Banega in the center or maybe Fuego and Romeu, since our defense is so bad.

I just don't trust Djukic, I don't trust him at all, I think he is ruining the team and this president is so blind and bad its unbelievable. They are literally destroying the club.

Valencia CF is tier 3 club, we are relegation zone weakling, not worthy to play in La Liga. I just hope something goes right, because the club is speeding down the road and at the end there is a hole.