Sunday, November 3, 2013

Getafe CF vs Valencia CF Match Preview

Getafe CF vs Valencia CF
Stadium:  Coliseum Alfonso Pérez
Date: 03:11:2013; 12:00 CET
12th matchday, La Liga
Coaches: Luis García Plaza and Miroslav Djikic

This is going to be an interesting match, but not because of how equally matched both teams are or because of the prestige of the match, no, because it will decide Miroslav Djukic future at Valencia CF or lack thereof. That in itself will decide the future of Valencia CF as well, whether the team will continue fighting in the middle of the table or whether the team is going to once again assert its place among the best teams in Spain and a regular Champions League club.

Personally I wouldn't mind if Valencia CF lost this match, because I know that Djukic will be gone and finally we may, just may start seeing the team play well and achieve good results with a different coach. I mean it would be really bad if the team lost, Valencia would probably fall to 16th to 17th position on the table which is basically relegation level, but at least it will be the final call for Salvo to sack the coach.

On the other hand if Valencia CF win, I have a feeling that its going to be just a continuation of the same terrible play and same bad results for longer, and most likely wreck the club and lose even Europa League. I mean I wish I'm wrong, I wish the team comes out today and just absolutely destroys Getafe with amazing play and a solid 3-0 win, or at least 2-0 win and actually change my view on the situation and prove that they can come back and at the very least reach the Europa League spots with Djukic in charge, but the reality is that is not going to happen.

Most of Valencia's wins this season have also been lucky, I mean it could have easily been more defeats and draws, and Ricardo Costa is our key striker basically, that is just bad. I mean you would want to get those types of goals as well, but your main wins should be because you outplayed your opponents and not because of lucky goals.

And I'm sorry I sound so negative, but I'd rather give everyone the hard truth, rather than a convenient lie and exert fake optimism just for the sake of it. I want Valencia CF to be top team again like 1999 when I started following the club or 2000 or 2002 or 2004 or at the very least of 2009 when we were able to reach 3rd place. Even 4th place would be good, I just don't want a Valencia CF that is mediocre and finishes on places where no one cares that it finished on that place.

Who do I think would win if I analyze the match and provided my educated opinion? Getafe is going to win, if not for anything else, because this team doesn't play well when in this type of situation, in fact I'd say it actually plays worse. So right now Getafe are in a better form, have the better defense, have a more stable midfield and a more robust attack and Valencia CF has potential on paper, but in reality we have a weak defense that is leaking goals, we have an inconsistent midfield and non functioning attack that only relies on some individual brilliance or a lucky goal.

So I expect at least a 2-0 victory for Getafe.