Thursday, October 31, 2013

Miroslav Djukic must go

Okay, this is the last straw for me. I haven't been writing because I haven't watched half of the matches because every time I watch I get extremely frustrated and even though I've watched the match and have my notes, I just can't make myself write it because of how terrible the team is playing and because most the the results are loses.

For me this loss today against Almeria puts the nail on the coffin for Miroslav Djukic. I didn't want to write this article earlier, because I thought I'd give him time and that the team would improve, but that has not been the case at all, in fact, if anything the team has gotten worse.

This match against Almeria tonight just showed how bad the team is playing and we are basically almost half the season. Within few more matches and is end of the first half of the season, and the team couldn't be further from playing good football and winning.

Lets face it, with the type of games we've been having in most of the matches we can't win, the team is at best a bottom half team that finishing 10th place would be considered great. That is how bad the team is playing and has been playing so far in the season and I don't have any illusions anymore that it can improve or better said that Miroslav Djukic can improve the team to fight for at least a Europa League spot right now, I'm afraid we are going to miss out even that.

Miroslav Djukic is just not the coach to make it work, he had his chance, he had the full support of the board and of the president and even the fans have been contempt and waiting on him to really develop the team, but I think its clear now that this is not going to happen.

I've went back in anticipation of another loss and rewatched some of the games and in most games the midfield was pretty much non existent and the average concurrent passes seemed to be around 3 and then the ball would have been lost and a counter attack pretty much with the defense that we have assures a goal for the opposing team.

I think the players moral is low, self belief is low and I think they question the coach as well, I also don't think that Djukic was ready for a team like Valencia CF, he has never coached a team of similar status as Valencia CF and a small team coach doesn't understand how to coach a higher tier club. We've seen this time and time again, the few coaches that manage to get it right from that position end up becoming really recognizable and great coaches who are then worth million to bring.

Valencia CF doesn't have the money, but at this point I think it may not be the worst to splash 3-4 million on a great and proven coach, than just waste 1 million here, 1 million there and have bad coaches and loose out on Champions league and maybe even Europa League this season.

Its better to splash the cash on a proven coach and then just forget it and be secure that he will do very good and be able to steer the team even with bad players to a good position on the table, which right now would be 5th to 6th position and 4th position would be just amazing.

At this point Salvo must act as well, if he is to not be named one of the worst presidents in the history of the club and I must say I already miss Manuel Llorente who's approach was way better and he would have been in the locker room every day if he had to, to talk to the team and get everyone to perform.

I'm also sick and tired of Braulio who has no plan at all, he is like a headless chicken in the transfer market with no vision and/or long term planning. I mean putting a random person on his position would have done a better job this season and for that matter last season as well.

First thing's first though and Djukic must go, in fact if he is honest with himself he will resign on his own and won't demand to be paid his full contract. At this point his false confidence won't do him any good, it clear that the task for him is too big and he isn't competent enough to manage the team.