Sunday, October 6, 2013

Athletic Bilbao 1-1 Valencia CF Match Report

Athletic Bilbao stay undefeated at home and Valencia CF manage a draw in a tough away fixture. I think both clubs can be satisfied, but disappointed with the result as well, depends on how you look at it.

For Valencia CF one can be disapointed because the team had several good chances to increase the lead, but the players failed and somewhat wasted their chances. For example we had two shots by Jonas, header by Feghouli, header by Postiga, good pass from Barragan to Feghouli and this one provided a deep pass in the penalty area, but there weren't Valencia CF players close enough. So several good chances that didn't result in goals that could have. 

Bilbao had their chances as well, they had one dangerous shot that hit the post, had few dangerous shots from outside the penalty area and really pressed Valencia CF for the past 15 minutes and tried to get to a win.

Ultimately it was an improved performance from Valencia CF, with Barragan really impressing me in attack and Feghouli doing significantly better than in the previous matches and winning the penalty for Valencia CF. Pabon had some good moves as well and linked up well with Guardado and the defense was pretty solid until the goal. 

Jonas did really well as well, had some good moves and dribles, forming positions for himself and had two good shots on goal. Paco didn't have any chances, but the service to him was low and for example Barragan and Jonas chose to shoot, instead of pass to Paco who was in good position both times. I think that Barragan loob could have been a goal if he passed to Paco, but it was hard to see and be sure that he would have passed accurately. 

Technical details:

Player Ratings:
Guaita 6 - Secure in dealing with what was thrown at him, didn't have hard direct shots, but was secure in how he handled the goal and penalty area.
Barragan 6.5 - Impressive performance from Barragan, especially in attack as he provided several passes and crosses and he had one loob on goal. I guess injured at the end as he was replaced by Ruiz.
R. Costa 6 - Had a good game, I would have preferred Ruiz as he has been solid and the team hasn't conceded with him, but R. Costa had a good game as well. Don't know if he could have done anything more for the goal.
Mathieu 6 - Stable performance from Mathieu, he had few blocks and interceptions.
Guardado 5 - Decent defensively and provided some help on the left wing to Pabon, but gave away the ball once to Bilbao who were able to have a counter attack out of it and was sometimes caught too forward and had trouble tracking back.
Fuego 6 - Good solid play, intercepted few balls and helpful in the defense, was also involved a bit more in the forward passing as well as opposed to previous matches.
Banega 6.5 - Scored the goal from the penalty spot and provided some good through passes, also intercepted and won the ball several times, but he also lost the ball quite a few times as well. Needs to improve his passing.
Feghouli 6 - Was actually good for a change and was involved very much in the attack, linking up good with Barragan and the central midfield, provided few good passes in the penalty area and won the penalty kick.
Jonas 6.5 - Was involved in many of the chances and was able to create space for himself to shot twice at goal. Had good understanding with Paco and Guardado.
Pabon 6 - Hard working industrial performance, provided two great crosses and linked up good with Guardado, though didn't cut inside the penalty area at all, which he should have done few times.
Paco 6 - Good showing even though he didn't score, provided a pass to Jonas for a good shot on goal, found himself in good positions, but the service to him wasn't particularly good.
Postiga N/A - Had one header that could have been better, but by that time Bilbao were on the offensive and he couldn't do much.
Canales N/A - Weak performance, came in and was expected to hold the ball and give VCF more possession, but he just didn't do much.
Ruiz N/A - Not enough time.