Thursday, September 26, 2013

Real Betis 3-1 Valencia CF Match Report

Well its been sometime since this match was played, but I just couldn't write a match report after such a devastating loss. I also didn't watch the Europa League match and I was right, I saved myself a lot of trouble.

Against Sevilla we magically won and that gave me a little hope, a little willingness to at least watch the match against Granada which Valencia CF barely won at the last second basically.

Thing is the match against Real Betis was a disaster, the team was changed from the previous match and none of the players who got a chance performed good.

Oriol Romeu was a disaster as a defensive midfielder, Parejo lost the ball time and time again, didn't do anything going forward, the defense was terrible, especially Ricardo Costa and Mathieu wasn't very good either, but a bit better.

Anyways the whole performance was terrible and Valencia CF did manage to score a goal through R. Costa on assist from Ever Banega, but it was too little too late.

Player Ratings:
Diego 7.5 - Was called time and time again and made several saves. Was let down by the defense for the goals and couldn't have done more.
Joao 4.5 - Strangely poor performance by Joao who is usually solid at the back, but his level fell for this match and was beaten often on the wing.
R Costa 3.5 - Absolute trainwreck of a performance, you'd think this is some very young inexperienced defender and not one with decades of experience by this performance.
Mathieu 4 - A bit better than R. Costa, but that doesn't say much. Got beaten of few occasions way too easily.
Bernat 5 - Did well enough defensively, but failed to provide anything going forward.
Oriol 5 - Failed to pressure the Betis players, was caught out of position several times and generally a poor performance by him.
Parejo 4 - Lost the ball which lead to the first goal and went from weakness to weakness after that.
Pabon 5.5 - Was played out of position, but did have several runs forward and tried to make something happened, unfortunately did not have too many players to combine with.
Banega 6 - Provided the assist for the goal, but that was the highlight for him, otherwise he was average and lost quite a few ball in the middle of the park.
Jonas 5 - As always when played on the left wing he failed to deliver and was largely anonymous
Postiga 5 - I don't think he had even once chance. Was completely separated from the team and no one provided him with any sort of passes in dangerous positions.
Feghouli 5 - Went in and was very quiet. Didn't do much and failed to convince for a starting spot.
Canales 5 - Provided some energy in the midfield and tried to get involved, but it just didn't work out in the time he had.