Thursday, September 26, 2013

Granada 0-1 Valencia CF Match Report

The second win in a row, albeit a very lucky one. Judging by the performance last night Valencia CF didn't deserve to win and it was pure luck that we did in the last seconds of the match.

The play was started by Ever Banega as he released Sergio Canales deep on the left side, this one ran past his marker, managed to enter the penalty area and from the side pass the ball to Jonas who slotted the ball in the goal.

The match was overall close with both teams have few chances on goal, but nothing too serious. Most of the match was played in midfield, with back and forth between the teams. Both teams had quite a large amount of shots towards goal, but most were out of the bounds and only few on each side were on goal.

I'd even go on to say that Granada was a bit more dangerous when attacking, as Valencia CF was void of ideas when going forward and neither the wings, nor through the center were there any chances. The overall build-up play was poor and the players could retain the ball for longer and recycle chances, most of the time the ball was lost close to the 25 meters from goal and Granada transferred into attack.

The closing down was better than we've seen in the past this season, but it still wasn't good enough, there were still some risky situations and lackluster coverage from the midfield and defenders.

Not a match to brag home about, the performance was mediocre, but hopefully gives the players a bit of motivation and self belief. They still need to work hard and show much more, this type of performance won't win us many games in the future.

Technical Details:
Granada CF (0): Roberto, Nyom, Diakhaté, Murillo, B. Angulo, Recio, Iturra, Brahimi, Pereira, Buonanotte (Ighhalo, m. 79) y El Arabi (Riki, m. 68).
Valencia CF (1): Diego Alves, Joao Pereira, Mathieu, Víctor Ruiz, Guardado, Javi Fuego, Éver Banega, Jonas, Pabón (Bernat, m. 64), Fede (Feghouli, m. 71) y Postiga (Canales,m. 70).
Goals: 0-1. M. 90: Jonas.

Player Ratings:
Diego 6 - Had to make several saves, though wasn't really troubled and did well enough.
Joao 5 - Good performance, but not great and was rather poor when going forward. There was no link-up with Fede.
Ruiz 5.5 - More secure performance than I've seen from Rami or R. Costa and I think he should continue to start. Had few tackles in which he stole the ball and was generally on position.
Mathieu 5 - Less secure than Ruiz, but wasn't terrible like some previous matches.
Guardado 5 - Some mistakes in defense and failed to provide appropriate cover, but did go forward to a good extent and provide another man to pass to.
Fuego 5.5 - Went on about his duties quietly and did well defensively, but failed to provide the goods when going forward.
Banega 5.5 - Finally playing in his natural position as a central midfielder and the team is playing better, with more space in the middle and quicker passes, but this was generally a week performance.
Fede 5 -  Pretty much invisible until middle in the second half when he went in the middle and had some forward arrays, but a rather weak performance overall.
Jonas 6 - In the right position at the right time and scored a goal to secure the win for Valencia CF. Other than the goal he wasn't very good and didn't even touch the ball too many times.
Pabon 5 - Still playing as a winger and its stifling his ability. Needs to play more centrally and while he has good pace, he is not very good at penetrating the defense from the wing.
Postiga 5 - Doesn't move very much and is mostly fixed in the penalty box, I think Djukic might need to put Pabon in place of Postiga and see what happens.
Canales 6 - Provided the assist for Jonas goal and that is all that matters.
Feghouli 5 - I don't know what he is thinking, but his performances have been extremely poor this season and needs to show something, anything.