Thursday, August 15, 2013

Player Contracts and Transfer Value

Valencia is not a stranger to selling its best players every year as you all know. Here are some names that should be familiar

Name                                          Price Sold                                          To

David Villa                                   40 million euros                                 Barcelona
David Silva                                   35 million euros                                 Manchester City
Juan Mata                                    30 million euros                                 Chelsea
Isco                                             6 million euros                                   Malaga
Jordi Alba                                    14 million euros                                  Barcelona
Roberto Soldado                          30 million euros                                  Tottenham

Now, I'm sure the club valued all of these players at a lot more than they were sold for, because I certainly did. I mean Gareth Bale's price tag now is as much as the first three combined and certainly no-one would think to trade Bale for Villa, Silva and Mata is fair. Especially with the cases of Isco and Jordi Alba, the prices they were sold were laughable. I mean Isco is now valued at 30 million and Alba at 25 million euros. 
Anyways, that's the past which you all heard of a million times already, let's talk about the present and why I mentioned this.

Recently, clubs have been interested in our next best player, Argentine footballing wizard Ever Banega. One of these clubs was Southamption FC of the English Premier League. The English club contacted Valencia to inquire about the player. Now if I was the one being contacted, I would have said, "NOT FOR SALE" and stopped contact. However, what shocked me was that Valencia was willing to listen and gave them their valuation of the player. Was it 30 million? No. 25 million? No. How about 20 million? Not even that. The price given by Valencia was 15 million euros. It's beyond belief. Thankfully, Southamption saw the price too high and didn't go for it but this is serious. Who would give that valuation for a player of that quality and at his prime? Seriously...If Isco is 30 million euros, Banega should be around that range too. 

What should be worrying is that the same things we have seen happen might happen to other players too. I checked Viera's price value on "" today. What is the value of this really talented young player? 8 million? No. 6 million? No. Only 3 million. Who wants to sell Viera for 3 million? I think it whoever would is not in their right mind. The same could happen to Bernat, Fede, Ibanez, Gaya, Feghouli, and Canales to name a few. It's is clear that part of the problem of debt is selling for these ridiculous prices. The transfer prices and release clauses must be fixed in the contracts. I'm certain nobody wants to see players of this quality leave every year.

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