Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pablo Piatti on the way to Stade Rennes

Pablo Piatti seems to be the next player on his way out and is now rumoured to the very close to the French club, Stade Rennes, lead by former Real Sociedad manager, Philippe Montanier. While we discussed that he is a decent player, he seems to see that he is not included in Djukic's plans. Ukrainian club Metalist has already offered him a way out for 5 million euros but the player refused moving to Ukraine and insisted remaining in Spain. Since the only clubs in Spain's first division that have shown interest in him cannot afford to pay his wages, about 2.7 million euros annually, he sees no other way out than a move to France. Valencia wants to accommodate the player by allowing him to leave to the Stade Rennes and in turn also use the cash to help fund a move for a striker to replace Soldado. However, the French club is offering 2.5 million euros for Piatti. While the club is willing to sell for that amount, I am upset that this amount is no where near the amount invested in him (if you remember, he was bought from Almeria for 7.5 million euros). Valencia is probably willing to go through with this anyway, because they don't want to pay his high wages. So by selling him, Valencia not gain 2.5 million euros but also save on his wages. Still quite upsetting, but if it has to be done for the sake of a promising striker, it's worth it. Let's just hope the striker meets and surpasses our expectations.

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