Friday, August 2, 2013

Helder Postiga is a bench warmer at best

Helder Postiga is hailed as the replacement for Roberto Soldado and Valencia CF had reached a personal agreement with him early, in case Soldado left and now that that happened, Postiga is the replacement for Soldado.

Reality is that Helder Postiga is a bench warmer at best, he is really terrible at scoring goals, he is slow, he lacks technique and he is 30 years old, he is certainly not getting any younger and sure as hell hasn't proved that he is of high quality in the past either.

Not only can he not replace Roberto Soldado, but he can't even replace Nelson Valdez and even Paco Alcacer is better than him even this young.

So I don't know what Salvo is thinking or lack thereof, but Postiga is not the kind of replacement that fans want for Soldado. The kind of replacement for Soldado would have to be in him prime at about 25-26 years old, that has scored 10+ goals in a lower level club consistently and each season and has shown quality that he can play at a higher level.

And let me tell you, if Valencia CF does not bring a proper replacement for Soldado than say goodbuy to Europa league playing as well, at best we are going to see Valencia CF competing for positions 8-10. You have to have very strong team to complete at the top, you have to have especially a striker that can score 15-20 or more goals to be able to complete for Champions League spot.

With Sevilla getting Kevin Gameiro from PSG after the sale of Negredo to City they have done good business with the purchase of Kevin Gameiro, Atletico Madrid sold Falcao for over 55 million euros and got David Villa for 4 million euros from Barcelona, amazing business.

Why couldn't Salvo talk and negotiate with Villa who I'm sure would have loved to come back to Valencia CF, especially when Soldado was 95% sure to leave. He would have been an amazing replacement for Soldado at just 4 million euros.

Now Zaragoza are demanding 4 million for Helder Postiga and I'm supposed to believe Villa and Postiga are at the same level? Postiga is worth at most 2 million euros in order to warm the bench.