Saturday, July 20, 2013

VfB Stuttgart vs Valencia CF Match Preview

Tomorrow is the third match of the pre-season and the final one in Germany. The first two ended in disappointment, the first in 2-1 loss and the second 0-0, in what should have been very easy games against second and third division German teams. Tomorrow's game is against VfB Stuttgart, a first division German team that finished 14th in the table last season. However, compared to the previous two teams, it is a big step-up. This is also the last game before the Guinness ICC tournament which will start on the 27th of July against AC Milan at the Mestalla. Therefore, we must show improvement now or we won't stand a change against the bigger clubs in that tournament.

The coach will have had two games to work with, observe and fix up the team so far. The main problem right now is the finishing and hopefully we will see a huge improvement tomorrow. Last game we noticed a different style of play that is more positive and attacking. Hopefully we will see more of that or even an improved version of it.

This game WILL be televised so you can catch it on a stream online. The kick-off time is 15:00 GMT. I encourage everyone to watch this game to observe the new style of play and the new players in action.