Sunday, July 21, 2013

VFB Stuttgart 1-0 Valencia CF Match Report

The third pre-season game and the final one in Germany ended in 1-0 loss. As with the first two games, the game there was plenty of positive play but with no result.

The first half began with rather sluggish play from Valencia. A defensive error in the 2nd minute of the game resulted in a corner. Stuttgart's Schwaab leaped, unchallenged, and thumped his header into the top-left corner past Guaita. After the goal, Valencia dominated possession and took control of the game with most of the play coming from the left flank where Cissokho and Piatti combined with Viera to create chances. The first real chance of the game for Valencia came at the 40th minute where a quick counter-attack left Stuttgart exposed at the back and needing to defend a 3 v 1 attack. However, a foul was forced resulting in a free kick which Viera took very well only to be saved by the opposing keeper.

The second half featured a full team substitution for Valencia. This half, more of the play came from the right flank where Feghouli made his presence felt right away. This gave him several chances at goal which he shot wide. Other notable players were Romeu and Michel who controlled the midfield. In the latter part of the second half, Stuttgart dominated and tested Alves a several times and came close to a second goal a few times.

The work Djukic is putting in is showing as the team has a more positive style of play. However, the main problem of attack remains with a few defensive errors to work out as well.

VFB Stuttgart (1): Ulreich, Saikai, Schwaab, Neidermeier, Rausch, Geutner, Boka, Maxim, Tornn, Ibisevic, Sararer
Substitutions: Kirschbann, Werner, Fasci, Rudiger, Leitner, Molinaro, Krist, Kheidera, Abdellaone, Traore, Hajnal   

Valencia CF (0): Guatia, Periera, R.Costa, Mathieu, Cissokho, Fede, Fuego, Parejo, Viera, Piatti, Alcacer.
Substitutions: Alves, Barragan, Rami, Delgado, V.Ruiz, S.Ruiz, Banega, Romeu, Michel, Feghouli, Jonas

A lot of promise has been shown over the past three games in Germany despite the results. Hopefully, we will see the improvement in a week's time against Milan where the full squad is available and the changes are made.

Match Highlights