Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Valencia CF fixtures 2013-14

Valencia CF fixtures for 2013/14 are up on the fixtures page obviously and as you can see a new blog design as you all wanted, hopefully you like it, but if not I can always revert to the previous design. 

I'm working on the players pages right now as well and I'm expecting to have 10 players done within a week with the new players page. 

You may have also noticed the blog has two more writers Pawan and Gundam and consider this their official introduction since I've completely forgotten to do one before. 

Hopefully between 3 writers we can offload the workload and have the blog saturated with content and features and editorials about Valencia CF.

Also how do you like Valencia's transfers so far and what do you think about the next season? Do you like the transfers, do you hate them, do you think we are strong enough to challenge for the Champions League? I'm obviously going to be doing one of the prediction articles as usual later on and laying out my predictions about who is going to win the Spanish Primera title and where Valencia CF is going to finish.

I'd like to hear your thoughts in the comments.