Sunday, July 28, 2013

Soldado to transfer to Tottenham FC

Valencia CF striker Roberto Soldado is almost certain to transfer to Tottenham Hotspur FC after a long and drawn out saga. Tottenham are said to be desperate and don't want to lose to Liverpool FC on Soldado, as that will put the management in hot water with the fans and thus since the disagreement with Valencia CF is only over 5 million euros, they are willing to pay the 30 million buyout clause.

The striker has accepted Tottenham personal terms and will be one of the highest paid players in Tottenham, earning in the range of 5 million euros per season, way above the 2.5 million euros Roberto Soldado gets at Valencia CF right now.

So unless there is some last minute change of plans, expect Valencia CF to lose Roberto Soldado and as we've written so far Valencia CF have few replacements lined up in Fred, Postiga and few others.

Is there life after Soldado? Possibly, but it will all depend on which reinforcement/s we bring in. I'd like Roberto Soldado to stay obviously, he still has at least 3 more years of top level performances, at the very least I'd like him to stay this season, but right now he is 99% likely to leave.