Saturday, July 13, 2013

Diego Alves to stay...

There has been a lot of debate in recent years about who should start from our two available and talented keepers, Diego Alves or Guaita. Since the club believed that they couldn't keep two good keepers in the midst of interest from other clubs, it was decided that one would pack their bags in the summer. Meanwhile, the former manager, Ernesto Valverde, opted for a rotation every couple of games between the two keepers. However, the new manger, Miroslav Djukic, has expressed that he will not follow the same system but will choose a starting keeper and a sub keeper. It seemed that the club was more likely to keep Guaita, since he is Spanish (the club has been criticized for not having enough Spanish players) and more importantly a product of Valencia's academy. All this seemed to point to the departure of Diego Alves with interest from Manchester City and AS Roma. However, Diego Alves and his agent expressed that the keeper is happy at the club and will stay. This could change if a good bid comes in later on, especially since the club is in debt. As of now, however, both of our talented keepers will stay but only one will start regularly (TBD) ending the debate once and for all.

So who would you like to be the starting keeper? Share your view in the comments below :)