Monday, July 22, 2013

Cissokho to be loaned to Liverpool

I have said before that Cissokho was the target of many transfer rumours. Liverpool has stepped up their chase for the Valencia left-back and appear likely to get him on loan for a season. That's not all, Valencia will be kind enough to include a purchase option valued between $3-5 million euros. Cissokho has expressed his desire to stay a while back but the club appears willing to let him go.

For those who don't remember, Cissokho was purchased from Lyon for $4 million. He hasn't had many starts under Valverde which may have frustrated him. However, what is Valencia doing? The few times he has played, he has impressed. A great player who is very strong offensively and adds aggressiveness to the defense when he does get back. But if he leaves, we have 3 options to fill that spot: Bernat (recently converted to left-back by Spain U-20), Guardado or Mathieu. I can't comment on Bernat because I haven't seen him play that position. As for Guardado, I never liked his play especially as a left-back, it simply doesn't suit him. With Mathieu being used as a central defender, who is left? We will have to loan or buy a new left-back (which is what the club is planning to do) which will cost us about the same amount. And a purchase option that might be less than what we paid for him?  Look at Chelsea, they wouldn't give up Romeu except if the deal didn't include a purchase option despite the player being injured and not being used by the club. We're being far too lenient on the transfer market.