Saturday, June 1, 2013

Valencia CF will not play in the Champions League

Valencia CF lost its place in the Champions League in the last match of the season. Valencia CF lost the match convincingly and for good measure Jonas got himself a red card to make sure a comeback would be virtually impossible.

Valencia CF managed in the 88th minute to reduce the lead to 4-3, but it was too little too late. This is the first time in over 4 years where Valencia CF will have to play in the Europa league where there is a lot less money and prestige.

This season started bad enough with a series of bad results under former coach Pellegrino who was sacked, and Valverde brought in. While Valverde has improved the team a bit and brought better results, it just wasn't good enough with the culmination tonight. Valencia CF could have secured the Champions League spot earlier, but throughout the season the team lost games which had to be won, couple that with some sold games by referees to the big two teams Real Madrid and Barcelona which Valencia CF had basically won 3 of them and you have the disappointment in the end.

The club is still in debt as well and I don't see any real solution to the problems. Its probably going to continue slipping and falling off the radar. I have a very bad feeling for next season and with the situation as it is right now I don't even think the team can challenge for top 6 positions next season.