Sunday, June 2, 2013

Miroslav Djukic to be next Valencia CF coach

Ernesto Valverde came at the press conference last night and confirmed to reporters that he is no longer going to be the coach of Valencia CF. He said that he told the team that just before the match so he could motivate them, weird logic eh, but either way now Valencia CF is looking towards Miroslav Djukic to become the new coach as he has rejected extending his contract and has publicly stated that he would love to coach Valencia CF.

Reports from earlier also confirm that the club was talking to him for a while now, covering all angles if Valverde left and as such the negotiations with Djukic would go alot faster and we should know within few weeks if he is the new Valencia CF coach.

I like him as a coach, he is a very disciplined coach with good defensive background, but has an overall good understanding of gameplay, while his downside is that he lacks experience with bigger clubs and hasn't had any real major success as a coach.

Either way I don't see Valencia CF doing good at all for the foreseeable future. Now with the club being out of the Champions League they lose so much money and they would have to trim down on the first team salaries which means some players would have to leave and third grade replacement will be brought in to keep the treasury balanced. Unless some major billionaire invests in the club this summer I'm expecting things to just slowly but surely go downhill.