Thursday, April 4, 2013

Valencia CF 3-0 Real Betis Player Ratings

Diego 6 - Standard match by Diego Alves who more and more seems like the more secure and better option for the goalkeeping spot. Didn't have too much to do, but in the few situations when he was called in he did good.
Joao 6 - Standard display form Joao who was secure at the back and forward to a great extent, though didn't have the penetration he usually has.
Rami 6 - Good game by Rami who seemed fit and capable, winning few tackles.
Mathieu 5.5 - Improved performance by Mathieu in the center of defense, though still lacks good positioning.
Guardado 6 - Went forward to a great extent supporting Jonas and often times acting as a winger, providing much needed width on the left wing.
Parejo 5.5 - Seemed ineffective and a bit tired maybe, opting for simple passes and to avid the ball as much as possible.
Tino Costa 5.5 - Similar play as Parejo, though a little bit more energetic and covered more space.
Feghouli 6 - Decent match by Feghouli, but once again nothing major or game breaking. Run a lot and tried to do stuff, but wasn't very effective.
Banega 5.5 - Run quite a bit and had falir when on the ball, making some interesting passes, but nothing key.
Jonas 6.5 - Had a great game once again and has been founding the back of the net a lot more often, played some important passes and was a good asset.
Soldado 6 - Did what he was supposed to do and scored a perfect penalty goal, which he was the creator of after being brought down in the penalty area.
Valdez 5.5 - Did well for the time he had on the field, but nothing to talk home about.
Canales N/A - Helped create the last goal with a weird pass-shot, though it was an accident and didn't contribute much more.
Cissokho N/A - Not enough time