Thursday, April 4, 2013

Valencia CF 2-2 UD Levante Match Report

17th minute a goal for Levante through Iborra who scored with a header, Guaita reacting poorly and failing to save in what should have been a normal casual save.
24th minute Guaita makes amends for his previous failing by saving from a long range shot by Barkero.
Just two minutes later Jonas scores after a chaotic scene in Levante's penalty area in which Jonas managed to get to the ball and just barely shoot it into the net to equalize the score at 1-1.

48th minute Soldado scores an amazing goal with a powerful volley on an assist by Feghouli who crossed from the right wing right to Soldado.
In the 63rd minute a wrongful offside decision and Valencia CF was denied a clear goal which would have pretty ended this match, but once again Valencia CF was damaged.

Few minutes later a good one-two play by Jonas and Canales with Jonas receiving the back ball and shoots, but it goes wide and once again Jonas shows how poor his shot is.
In the 70th minute Soldado shoots and unfortunately hits the bars, Levante escapes by the skin once again.

The unwritten rule in football of being punished for your misses comes again to hunt Valencia CF and a mistake by Mathieu allowed Barkero to score, thus equalizing the score at 2-2.

Player Ratings:
Guaita 4.5 - Not a good display for Guaita who made few mistakes and was insecure throughout the match.
Joao 6 - Was a constant menace down the right flank, going forward at every opportunity and did well defensively as well.
Ruiz 5.5 - Not the best showing and would want to do better in order to secure a starting spot.
Mathieu 4.5 - Caught off position few times and contributed to Valencia CF conceding two goals.
Guardado 5.5 - Good defensive showing and had few forward runs, but nothing major.
Feghouli 6 - Has moments of wonder where he will do great, but otherwise was too passive for long periods of time.
Parejo 6.5 - One of the best players on the field, spreading the ball great and being involved in the flow and control of the match.
Albelda 7 - Great showing for the veteran who covered superbly for the leaky defense and found himself supporting the forward players often time, unlike most of his games.
Jonas 7 - He is quite invisible most of the time, but was decisive when he had the ball, scoring the first goal and creating several chances and finding himself in good positions.
Canales 6 - Has lacked the level of creativity since getting back from his long term injury and tonight was no different, with a limited performance.
Soldado 6.5 - Got himself on the score-sheet and was generally a nuisance for the Levante defense.
Tino N/A - Not enough time to make an impact
Valdez N/A - Not enough time
Viera N/A - Not enough time