Monday, February 25, 2013

Sofiane Feghouli to be sold in the summer

Sofiane Feghouli is set to be sold in the summer if an offer of 15 million euros or more comes to Valencia CF. The club has plans to bring in Iago Aspas from Celta Vigo, Víctor Machín Pérez Vitolo from Las Palmas,  Alejandro Arribas from CA Osasuna and obviously one more defensive midfielder as I don't see Gago staying and with Albelda almost certainly ending his stay at Valencia CF we need one more quality defensive midfielder or if Victor Ruiz is fully converted to that position then another defender for all of which the club would need at least 20 million euros, money which the club doesn't have. The likely option for defensive midfielder right now is Vicente Iborra from Levante for about 6 million euros, which is his buyout clause.

There could be a significant gain if the team goes through the round of 16 in the Champions League, but it wont be a game changer and from the now almost guaranteed sale of Diego Alves the club could cash in around 12 million if lucky, still at least 8 million short, most likely more.

The assessment right now is that Sofiane Feghouli is over rated and officials see Pablo Piatti, Vittolo and even Barnat on the right wing as more than able to replace Feghouli. Since Feghouli has garnered a lot of attention if he reaches a transfer fee of 15 million or more he will be sold.

Personally I think 15 million euros is decent enough of a price to sell him, I mean its a risk that he may improve even more and go on to be world class or he could stay at the current level or improve insignificantly and thus his sale won't be a big deal, but these things are always a gamble. Of course there is still a lot of time till the summer and things can certainly change.