Friday, February 1, 2013

Record month of January

This past month of January has been record breaking in visits to the blog. In fact the past 3 months have all been record breaking, but this month was significant with a big mobile audience for the first time. In fact 1/4 of the audience came from mobile devices landing directly to the mobile sites.

The blog had over 45.000 pageviews in total as measured by blogger, this includes mobile.

The biggest article was the match preview of real madrid vs valencia cf in the first leg of the cup with over 600 pageviews. The most read page was the transfers page, though unfortunately it was a non eventful winter in the transfer market, with only Javi Guego reaching a personal agreement with Valencia CF, but would only come in the summer as a free agent.

As far as the browsers go, Google Chrome was the dominant browser, followed by Firefox.

Here are the top 10 visitor countries according to blogger, though I have different data from Google analytics
Entry Pageviews
United States 8443
United Kingdom 3336
Netherlands 1453
Spain 1322
Sweden 1247
Norway 1070
Malaysia 948
Germany 763
Belgium 499
Indonesia 414

Here are the Google Analytics stats:
1. United States 1,279
2. Malaysia 467
3. Indonesia 378
4. Spain 282
5. Trinidad and Tobago 230
6. Poland 221
7. Egypt 207
8. (not set) 168
9. Bulgaria 152
10. Lithuania     150

About 20% of the visitors were from the USA.

The longest average visitors duration was from Ghana at 24 minutes, followed by Zimbabwe with 10 minutes.