Friday, February 1, 2013

Offers rejected for Rami and Cissokho

Valencia CF rejected last day offers for Adil Rami and Aly Cissokho. Russian power house Anzhi sent a last day 12 million offer in a bid to get Adil Rami, but Valencia CF obviosly rejected that offer, first of because it was too small and the team only has 3 central defenders.

Valencia CF got as much as 8 offers from West Ham for Aly Cissokho and Valencia CF considered the offers, but Aly Cissokho said he wanted to stay at Valencia CF and Valverde said he would use him more often at left back, but as a central defender as well.

As you know Cissokho was almost exclusevely used by Pellegrino, but since the arrival of Valverde he has opted out for Guardado at the left back spot and Cissokho has found it hard for playing time, which will only increase with the arrival of Jeremy Mathieu back in the squad.