Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ever Banega drunk and late for training

Ever Banega came in late and drunk at today's training and Valencia CF coach just confirmed that he was indeed late and that the club will give him a punishment, though he said he hasn't decided yet if he is going to remove Banega from the team to face FC Barcelona tomorrow.

He said he and the assistant Voro would consider all options, but that Banega was needed to the team, so a decision to drop him out of the team would be less likely.

He went on to comments about Barcelona, saying they are a dangerous team, but that they are not invincible as shown by their recent loss to Real Sociedad. He said that the biggest danger does come from Lionel Messi and that the defenders will have to really be up to the challenge to stop Lionel Messi.

He also commented about Gago, saying that its not a big loss that he was loaned out and that his position is easily covered by several players.