Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valencia CF 0-5 Real Madrid Half-Time

What a trashing from Real Madrid. Half time and already 5 goals down. Let me just write where Valencia CF coach Ernseto Valverde went wrong.

Firs is the right back choice. Why choose Rocardo Costa to go against Cristiano Ronaldo? Ronaldo is extremely fast, Ricardo Costa is relatively slow, especially for a right back, he is absolutely slow. This was his first mistake, you can't put a turtle at right back. I'd put the worst real right back over a good, but slow defender.

Antonio Barragan isn't even bad, its more of a strange belief that somehow he is terrible, but he is not, he is actually quite good, very fast, very attack minded and while not the best defensively he at least has great pace. He could have easily covered Cristiano Ronaldo. The biggest problem with Barragan is that he is so attacking, most of the time he is more forward than the winger and leaves space at the back, but you could instruct him to not be as offensive and only go to a certain point. With the slow Ricardo Costa we see what happens.

The next mistake he made was putting Guardado over Cissokho. The signs were there from last match, I wrote how he dealt good on the left, before Di Maria came in and he had trouble dealing with him. But more importantly he is not a defender, he doesn't have the defensive instincts, the doesn't have the positioning and as we saw he was at fault for at least two goals. He was positioned time and time again in the wrong spot in the penalty area, we clearly saw this with the 4th goal.

So why Guardado over Cissokho? I mean Cissokho is fast, strong, great defending sense. Not as great in attack, but Valencia CF barely attacked all match long, the most they came was the final third and that is where they lost most of the balls.

Third mistake is playing Banega too far forward yet again. I think it may be a fluke and Banega being too adventurousness  but its clear this is a tactical decision to play Banega way forward. But he is not an attacking midfielder, he is a box to box central midfielder, why play him so high and forward?

Valencia CF actually lost the midfield battle this time around, Gago also failed to provide cover for the defense or stop any counter attack and this is what I mean when I say he is not a defensive midfielder. Yeah he is probably the best on that position when Albelda isn't here, but he is not a defensive midfielder.

I don't even want to talk about the wings, which were non existent. Jonas plays too centrally, Ricardo Costa failed to support Piatti and Soldado was over crowded and easily marshaled.

And Real Madrid still aren't playing good, its just that they are playing effective football with 1 goal per 2 chances, with strong counter attacks.

That is not to say I blame Ernesto Valverde completely, no the individual players are playing terribly. Rami is playing terribly, Ruiz is playing terribly and about Costa and Guardado I already wrote. Gago also isn't closing down the middle, the midfield is loosing the ball to easy, etc...