Thursday, January 10, 2013

New statistics page and more

Hi there. I've opened up a new page "statistics" in which I track the team performance with some key info, as well as goals and assists per each competition.

The first table is on all matches, (at least the ones there is data for), but there are discrepancies in the data, so for example average passes per game and passing accuracy is only for La Liga and Champions League, while the total minutes played and other data is for ALL competitions.

So you need to have that in mind, as well that additional official competitions like say World club championship or Super cup if Valencia CF were to play would be added to the totals, while friendlies and exhibition matches would not.

After the first table come individual tables for the goals and assists for each competition. 

I'll be adding a lot more data to the statistics page, but a lot more data and statistics and info on the players pages as well, so when you to to the individual players pages you'd find data for them and their key information that isn't necessarily going to be in the statistics data and vice verse. Overall there is going to be a  lot more data and information by which you can determine the players performances and playing style.

So none of this is completed yet and its probably going to take few months before everything is finished and published. 

I'll have a beta page ready within a week or two so you can check it out and provide feedback on it and what kind of data and information you would like on it, if its not already there.