Sunday, January 27, 2013

Deportivo La Coruna 2-3 Valencia CF

Well I predicted a 2-0 win for Valencia CF and wrote that I didn't expect a repeat of the first match between these two teams, but that is exactly what happened. We had a similar repeat of the play and result, though luckily Valencia CF managed to win this time, just barely in stoppage time.

The match started in a positive fashion for Valencia CF as Jonas Goncalves managed to score a goal in the 1st minute, after a good corner kick by Piatti.

After this early lead Valencia CF would control most of the possession, but would fail to seriously threaten Deportivo La Coruna's goal for quite a while.

Pizzi on the other side would threaten as he gets a ball from the middle, races down the right side, goes past Joao Pereira and shoots, but his shoot is blocked by Diego Alves.

Valencia CF would also threaten this time Jonas releases a great pass to Valdez who beats the offside trap, finds himself alone in front of goal, but his shot is too weak and Aranzubia has no problems saving.

Valdez would find himself with a good opportunity minutes later once again, this time Piatti finds him with a great cross and Valdez heads the ball towards goal, but Aranzubia has no problems with it.

All this wastefulness in front of goal would of course be punished as Riki manages to get away from R. Costa and heads a ball from a free kick into the net to make it 1-1.

Then just before the end of the first half Deportivo La Coruna would score again, once again from a counter attack and once again it would be Riki who would score, who managed to beat Ruiz and R. Costa, making himself space to shoot and scoring. Diego Valdez was also poor in this one and should have been able to prevent this goal.

Second half started with Viera taking the place of Jonas who wasn't very effective and has been rather poor and apart from his goal and one great pass wasn't too effective and wasn't providing width on the left.

This change will instantly pay off as Viera gets the ball in the 48th minute, starts an attack, quickly passes to Guardado and this one crosses towards Valdez, but his shot is blocked just barely.

Then just a minute later Viera gets the ball, passes one player and makes himself a space to shoot, but Aranzubia is well positioned and saves.

After some battle in the middle Banega finds himself in a good position and shoots from long range, but Aranzubia saves once again.

Then in the 62nd minute, just moments after Bernat came in, he would dribble past Manuel Pablo and passes into the penalty area towards where Valdez is and he is quick to react and scores to make it 2-2.

Banega found himself in a good shooting position in the 73rd minute after a cross was blocked, but the ball came to Banega who was deep inside the penalty area, but his shot was blocked by Pablo.

Copa Del Rey would have a chance on their own in the 78th minute after Oliveira puts a dangerous cross into the penalty area, but Joao Pereira was positioned well and headed the cross into a corner.

83rd minute huge chance for Nelson Haedo Valdez as he latches on to a great cross from Joao Pereira, along in front of goal he has time and sets up the ball with his head and volley's as the ball is falling down, but his volley goes straight into Aranzubia. Big chance wasted.

Just two minutes later another big chance, this time for Juan Bernat as he recieves a good pass in a dangerous position, but his shot goes above the goal.

88th minute chance for Pizzi after a counter attack by Deportivo, but his shot is blocked by Diego Alves.

90th minute Ricardo Costa scores a goal as he finds himself alone in front of goal and heads the ball into the net, after a great cross by Guardado.

The referee added 6 minutes of added time, after all of the injuries and interruptions that happened and the closing minutes were chaotic, but mostly for Deportivo who could have lost by more goals.

Bernat dribbles past 3 defenders in the 94th minute from the left side, then passes the ball into the penalty area, his pass only goes to a Deportivo defender, but his clearance is poor and the ball goes to Valdez who unfortunately failed to score.

Technical Details:
D. L. Coruna2-3Valencia
8                                                                          Corners                                                                       13
2                                                                          Dribbles                                                                        8
31                                                                        Tackles                                                                       26
18                                                                       Throw ins                                                                     27
17                                                                          Fouls                                                                         10
1                                                                          Offsides                                                                        7
70%                                                                 Pass Success                                                               84%
52%                                                                Aerial Success                                                              48%
36%                                                                  Possession                                                                  64%

 Line Up

Deportivo La CoruñaValencia
-Aranzubia-Diego Alves
-Manuel Pablo14'-A. Rami
-Zé Castro-João Pereira
-Aythami-Víctor Ruíz55'
-Sílvio17'52'-Ricardo Costa90 (2)'
-Álex Bergantiños-É. Banega85'
-André Santos54'-A. Guardado
-Paulo Assunção90 (3)'-A. Costa37'
-Riki32, 45 (2)'70'-P. Piatti31'
-Bruno Gama14'77'-N. Valdéz63'
flagCoach: Domingos PaciênciaflagCoach: Ernesto Valverde
  • 54'- Jesús Vázquez ON for André Santos
  • 70'- Nélson Oliveira ON for Riki
  • 77'- Camuñas ON for Bruno Gama
  • 46'- Jonathan Viera ON for Jonas
  • 55'- Juan Bernat ON for Víctor Ruíz
  • 85'- Canales ON for É. Banega

Player Ratings:
Diego 5 (FotM) - Had two good saves and had to take the ball out of his net two times, the second goal he could have and should have prevented.
Joao 6.5 - Beaten once by Pizzi and lucky that it didn't result in a goal, but was very active in attack and provided several very good passes into the penalty area.
Rami 6 - Not at fault for the goals, but was rather lethargic for most of the match and could have perhaps been more alert on few occasions.
R. Costa 6 - Beaten for the first goal as he failed to cover Riki, then failed to block Riki again for the second goal as well. Made amends at the end by scoring the winning goal for Valencia CF.
Guardado 7.5 (MotM) - Great performance by Guardado who didn't have too much to do at the back so he bombed forward time and time against, linking up well with Viera, providing several good crosses and assisted the third goal.
Ruiz 6 - Helped control the midfield, but fooled by Riki for the second goal and was otherwise simple in his passes.
Tino Costa 6 - Mixed performance by Tino Costa with some good passes and good moves, but did looses the ball few times in dangerous positions and was rather simple in his passing.
Piatti 7 - Very active throughout the whole match, provided the assist for the first goal from corner kick and provided several good passes in the penalty area, including one great cross to the lone Valdez.
Banega 6 - Mixed performance again from Banega as he was too adventurous with his passing at times and his passing was very inaccurate. He also lost the ball several times too easily, though he did have two shots on goal and linked up decently with Viera and Piatti.
Jonas 6 - Scored the first goal and had one great through pass to Valdez, but Valdez failed to score. Of course if Valdez scored he would have had assist to his name as well and a score of 7, with the reality though   those two things were his only contributions.
Valdez 6 - Scored a poachers goal from a great pass by Bernat, but he also missed at least three sitters. So he gets points for getting into good positions and beating the offside trap, but looses them because he failed to convert his great chances. If he was able to score from all his chances, he would have been man of the match with 4 goals scored.
Viera 6.5 - Provided more width than Jonas and was a lot more active, instantly having an impact from his coming in, linked up well with Banega and had one great pass to Valdez, but again Valdez was very inefficient today with his chances.
Bernat 7 - Great performance by Bernat today, linked up terrific with Viera and Guardado and was always dangerous on the wing, providing several good passes and crosses as well as an assist to Valdez.
Canales N/A - Had some good moments in the game, but didn't play enough to be rated.