Saturday, December 1, 2012

Valencia CF sack Mauricio Pellegrino

And its official, Mauricio Pellegrino has been sacked as coach of Valencia CF. After the heavy defeat from Real Sociedad in an emergency meeting with Valencia CF officials it was decided that he is going to be sacked after a rather poor season and more recently 2 terrible results, loosing 4-0 to Malaga and now loosing 5-2 at home against Real Sociedad.

So far its not clear who is going to replace Mauricio Pellegrino, though Valencia CF have few names they've been in contact with and who can take over. In the meantime I guess Voro is going to be the interim coach for the next several days, maybe even week.

It was pretty obvious after this match that it was the end, even Pellegrino's face said it all. It was a balsy move to give him the position in the first place, everyone hoped it would work out, but I guess the lack of coaching experience was too much for him to be able to overcome.